Saturday, June 03, 2017

How to make money with Android app

Android os is currently the de facto smartphone os in the world with billions of smartphones activated everyday it stands to reason that the android app ecosystem will keep growing.
with billions of app downloaded from google play monthly android developers are making cool cash all the time.
so here are six things you need to start earning with android app
1. Before you start developing app for android you need a google account which will be used to monetize all your apps
2. Think of an app idea from basic trivia to scratch games the potential is unlimited or better still create an android app at appsgeyser ( you can also create an android app for your facebook page or blog) You don't a revolutionary idea like Facebook to make it.
3. Upload your app to google play for $25 (we charge a token of #1000 per app or #1500 for two apps depending on the kind of app you created)
4. Start sharing your app download link, or Go to fiverr for paid promotion and review
5. Sit back and relax and watch the app grow
6. for more cash create more apps

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