Friday, April 28, 2017

Instagram Hits 700 Million Active Users

Facebook owned social network - Instagram has announced hitting 700 million total users. Instagram Inc new mark was reached 4 months after announce 600 million users . That is, Instagram added 100 million users in just 4 months, which is amazingly impressive.
Instagram now has 700 million users, 100 million more than it did last December. So those last 100 million users were added in just four months. That number is amazingly almost equivalent to Snapchat's entire 161 million user base. The recent growth is the fastest in Instagram's history. Going from 500 million to 600 million took five months in 2016.

Of course Instagram is nowhere near Facebook's gigantic numbers, and its pictures niche explains that. The big blue social network boasts more than 1.8 billion users. Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Messenger both hit 1.2 billion recently, and it really looks like Facebook the company has officially won at the social thing - in part simply because it has so many different offerings in this space.

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