Friday, November 11, 2016

See How To Get Double Data Bonus On Mtn

Today guys am going to show you guys how to get double data from Mtn for the remainder of 2016. This is a new offer from MTN as it offers 100% data bonus for the next 6 months when you upgrade to a new smartphone (when I say new smartphone, i mean a Mtn branded or phones bought from Mtn store).
MTN also had this to say about the offer;

You will enjoy double data subscription on any data you purchase when you buy a new smartphone from any Official MTN store or any other stores.
To be eligible for this offer, you need to buy a new smartphone from any Mtn Store here in Nigeria. You don't need to buy a new MTN sim card. All you need is a new Smartphone.
I know y'all be wondering maybe you have to buy a new smartphone to be eligible for this bonus
Well am glad to tell you guys, there's is a workaround for that so  you don't have to buy any phone
So today i will be showing you how to trick MTN to make them think that you just bought a new phone. Sounds Interesting huh?
I will be showing you how i did mine so you can do yours.
Just chill and without more prologue Follow me along.
It's very simple, all i did was change my phone's original Imei number to any Mtn approved phone and voila, i got a text from Mtn immediately that my new phone is qualified and activated for the double data bonus.
So i decided to test it, and I subscribe to Mtn weekly ipulse #500 that gives 1gb of data and i was credited with another 1gb data for the new phone bonus. Together making 2GB for just mere N500, data is valid for 30 days and can be used on any internet enabled device even on PC or your ps4 console.
How to get yours
It's pretty simple, all you hace to do is to tweak and change your Android phone imei to this Mtn approved phone Imei below.
Mtn Imei: 3545540711*****
Add any 5 digits to make it 15 digits.
After successful tweaking, you will receive an sms from Phone Bonus as seen above.
From henceforth, if you buy any data from MTN, you will be given twice the data. You will keep getting double data bonus for the next 6Months.
To check your data balance, SMS 2 to 131 or dial this USSD code *559*2# .
You Can Also Watch The Video Below
That's all peeps.

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